So One Time…

Well, I led you in with a hook. I thought I had something to say. But, turns out, nope. Man, I would love to tell you about our dinner or our day, the good bad and ugly. But, today is The Worst Day. Again. Our sweet children are faced with truths we never could have imagined

I have no words. This space and place of writing has nothing, no words that can make sense of this. I cannot speak. I can barely breathe. I thought I had a “blog idea” until tonight. Now? Now, I only have fear paired with love, a strange and confusing combination of feelings. Today’s loud silence and roaring sadness haven’t left any room for words.

This is all I know I am being asked to say.

Come to church with us?  I know it will not be like any other church experience you have ever had.  Many churches say come and “be something”. Our church says “come.” That’s it. Just come.

I have no expectations of you. None. I invite you into the love and peace I have come to know. Meet me here? What do you have to lose? I cannot deal with one more child that takes their life; one more person facing pain alone. It could have just as easily been one of my kids, or someone I passed by who I thought was okay. It could have been one of yours, or even you.

If you would like to come to church, to see what it is like, to be in a place that you can seek without pressure, come. If you are scared and are searching for something you cannot put your finger on, come. If you are curious, happy, sad, angry or broken, come. No expectations. Just say yes and come with us. I will hold your hand.


Message me for more info.

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