What’s In A Name?

My name is Whitney Sweet.  I came by the “sweet” part by marriage.  He came by it naturally both by birthright and by the fact that he IS indeed the sweetest man you will ever meet.  I have had to work a little harder to earn my namesake. Let’s just say I moved up in the world of names, and I work hard to do the name justice. However, it does not always come naturally to me. If I’m honest, salty or spicy might be a more “natural” fit. But hey, I’m making an honest go at this whole idea of sweet.  Sometimes it even suits me.

My husband and I have four Sweet girls. EVERYONE says “oh, bless your hearts” or some variation thereof, when they hear our news of 4 teenage daughters.  Thank you very much.  We will take every single one of those blessings. Trust me, our hearts need them.  Actually, we feel privileged and honored to have these four girlies. They turn every day into a lovely adventure. They make us more patient. They teach us how to not take anything too seriously because the next emotional breakdown could be JUST around any corner. And sometimes all you can do is laugh and wait out the tornado….frequently I AM the tornado.

I feel like I have made every mistake in the book. Maybe we all feel that way?  I have experienced pain and loss, euphoric seasons and seasons of barely being able to pick my head up from the pillow. My strength comes straight out of all of them, the flowery times and the darkest days. My strength comes by God’s grace and because we live and push through the craziness.  It could have been easy, at some places along our way, to throw in the towel and move to Fiji to work in a bar without ever having to wear proper pants or socks ever again.  Now that I think of it, a life without ever having to match socks would be divine. But, who would be here to hold down the fort and find a few laughs among all of the messes?  Think of all the beauty I would miss!  So, we make the best of the chaos.  We struggle through some days and dance through others…particularly if 90’s R&B is playing.

We always try to make the best of the tough stuff, our name reminds us to do that. Often we even do a good job at that task.  Sometimes we don’t. We are weathered and worn battered and scorn, with our own bit of patina. By God’s grace we live to try and make every day the sweetest it can be.

I am Sweet. That is our name.  This is my spot to write about some of our Grace and Patina.  Welcome to our space.  This is us.



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